Essential Oils

Do you want to join the world of dōTERRA Essential Oils and improve your HEALTH and WELLBEiNG?

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you! I offer free consultations in a personal meeting, on the phone or video chat. We will find the right oils for you and how you can integrate them easily into your daily life.

You’ll find more detailed information here, about what essential oils are, how to use them and why I only use dōTERRA oils:


How to order your dōTERRA Essential Oils and open your own account to get all the benefits (save up to 25% of the retail price on your oils):

  • click on the link below ‚join dōTERRA
  • click on ‚Registrieren & Sparen‘
  • register as ‚Vorteilskunde‘ (25% discount) or ‚unabhängiger Produktberater‘ (business option)
  • check that Enroller/Sponsor ID is 6172351 to make sure I am your consultant and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or help you might need!
  • fill out the form with your contacts, timezone, etc.
  • you have 2 options for your first order: 1. order an Enrollment Kit (save money on your oils and the € 24,- registration fee) or 2. WILLKOMMENSPAKET registration (order single oils and items you’d like + € 24,- registration fee)
  • personally I always recommend an Enrollment Kit as you save quite a lot of money and you’ll get a great kit with all the oils to start with! check the following options of Enrollment Kits:


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